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Designer Protein Bar

Our most popular protein bar - with no added sugar


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100% Flavour
Up to 14 g of Protein1
No added sugar2


  • Healthy living

Protein power in every bite. Our Designer Protein Bar sets a new standard for ordinary protein bars, boasting an irresistible taste, smooth texture, and zero added sugars. It's the ultimate snack for athletes, health-conscious individuals, and chocolate lovers alike.1

Note: Proteins support muscle building and maintenance, providing a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction—particularly beneficial while dieting.

  • Our Bestselling Protein Bar
  • Up to 14 g of Protein³
  • No Added Sugar¹
  • Supports Muscle Building and Maintenance²


Milk protein, sweetener (maltitol, sucralose), cocoa butter, collagen peptides (bovine), humectant (glycerine), whole milk powder, roasted almond pieces 6 %, sunflower oil, bulking agent (polydextrose), sweet whey powder, grated coconut 0.7 %, coconut fat, flavouring, salt, emulsifier (lecithins (sunflower, rapeseed, soya)*). Origin ingredients: EU/Non-EU.

*Depending on availability

Note: May have a laxative effect if consumed in excess. May contain traces of soya, peanuts and other nuts.

Designer Bar Key Facts

Protein power

With up to 14 g protein per bar 1 for ideal muscle support

No added sugar 2

Sweetened with sweeteners – ideal for the nutritionally conscious

Maximum key

With crunchy chocolate coating, crispy topping and tenderly melting core

Many flavors

From coconut to caramel – the perfect flavour for every taste

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Our best protein bar – Designer Protein Bar

Whether it's a post-workout snack, a treat after lunch, or an evening in front of the TV, we all crave something chocolatey at times. However, conventional chocolate bars usually have excessive amounts of sugar, unhealthy fats, and lack essential nutrients, making them less appealing to athletes.Does this mean we have to forgo enjoyment altogether? It doesn't have to be that way - at least not with out Designer Protein Bars. Instead of huge amounts of sugar, we rely on full protein power: one bar provides you with 14 g of valuable protein. 3

But that's not all: We also avoid adding sugar and instead sweeten our Designer Protein Bars with harmless sweeteners, like maltitol and sucralose. 1

Unbeatable taste – protein bars in many flavours

Coconut or hazelnut? White or dark chocolate? Caramel or brownie filling? No matter what you like, we have the perfect variety for every taste. Look forward to a crunchy chocolate coating with a crispy topping, soft filling, a tenderly melting core and irresistible enjoyment. What are you waiting for? Change your snack game!

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One bar 2 provides you with 14 g of valuable protein – making it an ideal support for your muscles and longer satiety.

For our designer bars we use the sweeteners maltitol and sucralose and do not add any sugar – with the exception of peanut caramel. 1

The Designer Bars are available in a range of irresistible flavours to suit every taste: coconut or hazelnut, white or dark chocolate, caramel or brownie filling. Each variant offers a crunchy chocolate coating, a crispy topping and a tenderly melting centre for complete enjoyment.

Our designer bars offer protein power without added sugar1, are ideal for athletes and nutrition-conscious people and have an irresistible taste.

Note: May have a laxative effect if consumed in excess. May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, soya, peanuts and other nuts.

¹Our Designer Protein Bars contain only naturally occurring sugars and sweeteners. With the exception of Peanut Caramel.

²Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.

³One Designer Protein Bar corresponds to 45 g.